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About Calla Collaborative Health

Calla Collaborative Health, or CCH, exists to help individuals recognize, utilize, and teach the power of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health to improve and restore lives. By developing curriculum for licensed professionals to teach to others in their communities, CCH’s goal is to reach far and wide to empower individuals who struggle with substance use, mental health issues, trauma, and more to make long-lasting, impactful life changes.

Get S-M-A-R-T for Substance Use Disorder interactive education is just the start for CCH – soon, additional curricula will be added to help children of individuals with Substance Use Disorders, to aide individuals on an even more intensive level, and to address other issues such as Eating Disorders, anxiety, and more.

Instructors of Calla Curriculums are automatically granted an access as a member of Calla Crew. As a Calla Crew member, you will have 24/7 access to additional resources to support your teaching efforts, such as training videos, additional resources for your classroom, and even additional coaching with CCH Founder, Lisa Werth. CCH is here to support our instructors every step of the way.

Calla Collaborative Health
Turning Consequence Into Opportunity

Our Curricula


Tools and methods are based on evidence in the field, tested over time for client success

Tried & True

Curriculum developed for years in collaboration with other legal & health professionals

Integrated Courses

Get S-M-A-R-T Currciulum is perfect for Substance Use Disorder intervention at all levels


We provide the resources and ongoing support for instructors through Calla Crew Membership